The ABCs of ETFs

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ETFs or exchange traded funds play a significant role in the global market because these are funds that track indexes like the widely known S&P 500, NASDAQ-100 Index, and Dow Jones. ETF is an efficient tool that gives investors access to different markets in the world. It tracks an index, bonds, commodities, or blend of assets. In addition, because its shares can be bought and sold, it undergoes price changes throughout the day.

Purchasing ETF shares means buying shares of a caliber portfolio that monitors the earnings and returns of its native index. When investors decide to buy ETF shares, they get the power to sell short, buy on margin, and acquire access to portfolios that contain diversification of an index fund. Since there are no minimum deposit requirements in ETF, investors can purchase small amounts of share. Most ETF investors claim that ETF is better than the traditional mutual funds because of the lower costs, better tax efficiency and a lot of other reasons.

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As an investment strategist, Charles F. Whitman is an investment strategist and trader from Chicago. He is the founder of Whitman Asset Management, a firm that specializes in alternative investment programs that target exceptional risk-adjusted returns. Mr. Whitman is renowned in his commitment to helping his clients find investments with which to grow their wealth. For more on him and his company, visit this website.


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